Reader: Leslie Tarot & Dream Interpretation

Reader: Leslie Tarot & Dream Interpretation

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Leslie Joren Wagner

Dream Interpreter &Tarot Card Reader

Tuesdays 3-7pm

 Dreamwork interpretation based on the psychology of Dr. Jung and Dr. Gendlin. Leslie Joren is a practicing Zen Buddhist, interpreting dreams for 20 years she is also an artist, certified Reiki Shihan (Teacher), Intuitive, and has a working knowledge of several other practices including Meditation, Astrology, Crystal and Tarot reading. She also teaches Dream Interpretation Workshops offering a method to people who would seek to understand their unique Self through developing a personal dream vocabulary, sensing their own truths through body awareness and writing.

Available: Tues:  3 - 7pm.  

Call us at 212-794-3858 to schedule your reading!

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