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G125. Sage: Small, Medium, Large

White Sage Bundle 

  • Hand Picked, Hand Crafted, Dried, & Wrapped with 100% Cotton String
  • Fresh California White Sage (Salvia apiana)
  • Used for Spirtual Cleansing and Purification
  • Great Scent, Soothing & Robust Aroma

Small:  3.5-4 inches;  Medium 4.5-5.5 inches;   Large:  9 inches.  


Burning Sage

  • Plan your ritual. Decide what you are trying to accomplish by burning this sage. The practice of burning sage is ancient, rich, and steeped in cultural tradition.
  • The power of intent is integral here. If you burn sage with the intention to cleanse your home of negative energy, then it is incredibly more likely to do so. Any effect of the plant must be rooted in your mind.
  • Perhaps you want to cleanse your home of negative energy. Perhaps you wish to interact with an ancient herbal tradition and rekindle the ancient rites. Perhaps you simply want to burn incense and spruce up your home with a pleasing scent.

Understand what sage can do.

Many of the benefits are spiritual and psychological--but there is a physical component.

  • On a spiritual level: Many people use sage burning and smudging to connect with ancestral tradition. It is a common belief that the strong scent of sage can purge the negative energy from a room, a home, and a heart.
  • On a psychological level: The act of burning sage can mark a beginning, a resolution, a turning-over of a new leaf. When you accept the time-honored ritual and put your faith in the power of burnt sage, you can purge yourself of negativity and find true peace of mind.
  • On a physical level: Sage releases negative ions into the air when it is burned, and research suggests that exposure to negative ions may correlate to lower rates of depression. The strength of this correlation is still unclear, but know that sage at least has not been shown to have any negative effect.



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