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Workbook: Hazelden Step Pamphlet Workbooks. Steps 1 - 12, sold separately.

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Step 1:  Foundation of Recovery. Over a million people have been helped to take that first step with this easy-to-read pamphlet. The author provides an in-depth understanding of the first step in the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Step 1: The Foundations of Recovery also provides a table that outlines the stages of addiction and recovery.

Step 2: Coming to Believe. Personal stories highlight Step Two issues in this helpful pamphlet. The author outlines the key benefits of Step 2 using a spiritual, rather than religious. tone. He helps us to understand the need to seek the help of others in the fellowship.

Step 3: Making a Decision. The author helps us to identify the eight most common blocks to Step Three and he provides strategies to overcome them. The pamphlet features 23 open and close-ended questions to help us determine where we have blocks in our lives. We learn the value of honest feedback and the openness to take direction from our sponsors, peers, family, and clinician.

Step 4:  Getting Honest

Step 5: Telling My Story. Revealing our true selves to someone makes Step 5 one of the most difficult steps to complete in AA's 12 Step programme. The author of this pamphlet helps make the step less frightening by offering a clear explanation of the purpose, intent, and benefits of taking the Fifth Step. He explains both our role and the role of the Fifth Step listener in the process.

Step 6 and 7 AA: Ready, Willing and Able

Step 8 AA: Preparing for Change.  Now that we've begun to heal, we need to heal the wounds we've caused to others. This pamphlet helps us to make a list of those we harmed by our addictive behaviors so that we can prepare to make amends to them.

Step 9 AA: Repairing the Past.  Making amends to those we've harmed helps us to take a giant leap in our recovery. This pamphlet describes how to make amends, but also offers us insight on when it is best not to reopen a wound.

Step 10 AA: Maintaining My New Life.  We're only human, and humans make mistakes. This pamphlet helps us to understand the benefit of admitting when we are wrong so that we don't start hiding behind secrets that could lead to a relapse.

Step 11 AA: Partnership with a Higher Power.  Doing things our way got us into trouble. Now it is time to develop a relationship with our Higher Power in order to carry out God's will for us. This pamphlet explains the many benefits to us.

Step 12 AA: Carrying the Message.  Step 12 is about helping others in order to help ourselves. This pamphlet explains how we can best keep a program of AA by giving it away.

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