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Heroin by Humberto Fernandez

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We see it in films like Pulp Fiction and Trainspotting, read about it in the obituaries of stars like Kurt Cobain, hear about it's resurgence in the latest news. We know all about heroin--and yet, beyond the myth of it's powers and dangers, how much do we really know about this evermore pervasive drug? This book provides a much needed, up-to-the-minute, comprehensive, no-nonsense examination of the drug from the discovery of opium by the Sumerians nearly 7,000 years ago to the use, abuse, treatment, and meaning of heroin in our day. The definitive reference on the drug's history, pharmacology, psychology, and sociology, this groundbreaking work also offers a spellbinding account of heroin's power and persistent allure, it's medicinal benefits and destructive nature. Animated with vivid personal stories and vignettes, "Heroin" puts a human face on the long and complex story behind this notorious drug.

"If ever a comprehensive book on heroin were needed it is now, and Humberto Fernandez has filled that need by providing a fully developed history, psychology, physiology, and pharmacology of heroin addiction.
David E. Smith, M.D., Founder, President, and Medical Director, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc., and Richard B. Seymour, M.A., Managing Editor, "Journal of Psychoactive Drugs"

""Heroin "is recommended reading for both the general public and addiction treatment professionals. It provides a wealth of information of great value in understanding heroin addiction and treatment."
Mark Parrino, M.P.A., President, American Methadone Treatment Association

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