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Lifelong Sobriety: How to Stop Drinking and / or Using Drugs, by Mr Bajeerao Patil

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-• -• Lifelong Sobriety is the first recovery book that emphasizes the importance of taking care of emotional health. This book is action-oriented. It will guide addicts on the path toward recovery while recovering addicts will find a resource for maintaining their sobriety. They will find new hope by easily relating to the book's key concepts, which will contain interviews and anecdotes, relating the experiences of dozens of recovering addicts. Additionally, these stories will help readers gain insight into their own compulsive behavior, their distorted thinking and help them find the answers to their issues. This book is a natural extension of my first book, Insanity Beyond Understanding. In that book, I helped readers understand the behavior and attitude of addicts that keep them sick. Now, in Lifelong Sobriety, my focus is on helping readers find solutions to their issues, change their past behaviors, attitudes and learn how to manage their lives more effectively. The key to this book is in it's brevity and accessibility to an audience that typically lacks the attention span to sit down to read a fact-filled book. As a drug and alcohol therapist over two decades, I have closely observed their behaviors and have found out that addicts allow their overwhelming emotions to govern them and consequently remain sick. I closely relate to these individuals because, after all, they are human beings and have same emotions as I do. I feel depressed, stressed, anxious, angry, frustrated, lonely, bored etc., as they do. Only difference is that they rely on drugs to deal with their issues and I manage them without using drugs.

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