#N26. NA Glitter Turquoise Coin w LGBT Crystals (1-45) - Premium Medallions from Choices - Just $21.95! Shop now at Choices Books & Gifts
#N26. NA Glitter Turquoise Coin w LGBT Crystals (1-45) - Premium Medallions from Choices - Just $21.95! Shop now at Choices Books & Gifts
#N26. NA Glitter Turquoise Coin w LGBT Crystals (1-45)

#N26. NA Glitter Turquoise Coin w LGBT Crystals (1-45)

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Our classic NA coin with gorgeous genuine Swarovski crystals is our best-selling medallion and is the perfect gift for your loved one!   This NA chip carries the perfect sentiment and will wow anyone who sees it.  It features dazzling, genuine Swarovski crystals that are custom-crafted upon order.  

This recovery coin showcases a beautiful multi-colored enamel design, engraved with 24 kt gold plating.  On the front is "Out of the Ashes of Recovery, Comes Renewal and Growth," along with the anniversary year in the Roman numeral and the "Just For Today, Serenity, Peace."  On the back, the serenity prayer, "God, Gratitude, Healing, Hope," and "Miracles Happen."

NA members carry or receive medallions as symbols of their commitment to sobriety and progress in the Twelve Step program.  These tokens mark milestones and serve as tangible reminders of personal achievements, fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouragement in the journey toward recovery.  Additionally, NA medallions represent the support and unity within the NA community, creating a bond among members as they celebrate each other's successes and provide motivation to continue the path of sobriety.  You can't go wrong by giving a recovery coin, as they are an integral part of the journey.  Note that the terms coin, chips, tokens, and medallions are all interchangeable in recovery. 

Key Details:

  • Dimensions:  33mm round, designed to fit all our coin accessories
  • Material:  24 kt gold plated letters and encasement
  • Epoxy coating - A hard, protective layer added for durability and longevity
  • 21 genuine Swarovski crystals
  • Complimentary matching velvet pouch included

For Glow in the Dark coins, hold the coin up to a light for 10 seconds and watch it glow.  (Note: It can touch the lightbulb without worry.)

Members can use these coins in various ways - carrying them in their pockets, putting them on a keychain, wearing them as a medallion necklace, or displaying them on a medallion plaque.  Click on this link to view our selection of medallion accessories- Medallions Accessories.  

You can feel confident when buying this coin for anyone celebrating in recovery, as it is the most requested and desired gift of celebrants.  

This copyrighted and patented medallion by Choices ©2009.  All rights reserved. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Absolutely stunning

Love love love ❤️so many compliments thank you my 6 year medallion and the last 5 years buying medallions for you doesn’t disappoint ever they are beautiful trying to get my friends for 5 years and I forgot friendship code can u help please

Beautiful As Advertised Glitter Turquoise Coin

The medallion is exactly as advertised. Turquoise with the LGBTQ crystals on one side - Serenity prayer on the other side

Alicia Newton
Beautiful Medallion

My wife absolutely loves her medallion ended up ordering the holder and chain as this piece needs to be displayed!

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