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Promise of a New Day: A Book of Daily Meditations

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A Promise of A New Day: A Book of Daily Meditations 

One of the World's Most Popular Collections of Daily Wisdom...
To Help You Make the Most of Each and Every DayEvery day -- happy or sad, challenging or just business-as-usual -- makes new demands on us. Each day brings new experiences, new tasks, and new rewards. As each day dawns, take a moment for quiet reflection and discover the promise of a new beginning and a fresh start full of optimism, hope, and joy.

For more than a dozen years, The Promise of a New Day -- a very special collection of inspiring thoughts and wise meditations has offered thousands of people day-to-day wisdom and fresh viewpoints on life, adding a moment of inspiration and insight, a comforting thought, or a time for rest and relaxation to their days. Filled with the wisdom of inspirational thinkers from around the world-including Robert Bly, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Leo Buscaglia, Norman Cousins, Amelia Earhart, Robert Frost, Helen Keller, John Lennon, Shirley MacLaine, Will Rogers, and Mark Twain along with insightful reflections and reassuring thoughts, The Promise of a New Day will help you find the promise of peace, encouragement, and a fresh start in every day of your life.

2nd Edition, Softcover, 4" x 6", 416 pages

Publisher: Hazelden
Date of Original Publication: 1983


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