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Reader: Deborah, Psychic-Medium, Energy Healer, Spiritualist Minister, Seance Conductor

Deborah: Energy Healer, Psychic-Medium, Seance Conductor, Spiritualist Minister

Bridging the two worlds together to bring messages infused with Love and Healing from Spirit Loved Ones and Spirit Guides.
Serving as an interpreter to connect the Human World and the Spirit World is a true joy and honor to Deborah. 
She is gifted in Psychometry and uses all five of the "Clairs" (the 5 senses) when giving readings. As a young woman she was always recognized for her "sixth sense", Being guided by the Spirit World was something she always remembers having access to.  As a young child she had hidden from her parents that she had seizures because her Spirit Guide was there to protect her. Looking back there were so many amazing experiences.  Though she is classically trained as a Psychic-Medium she enjoys using Spirit Boards and Scrying to further interact with Spirit.
Tarot Card reading upon request.
Deborah is currently teaching Meditation and working on a Program for tweens and teens to develop their innate abilities.
"Deborah has the right combination of skill, knowledge, and an innate intuition. Working with her to achieve my goals is always a reaffirming and inspiring experience. It is rare  to come across an individual so genuine and pure, always there to help, listen and connect you to your higher self."  - J.T. Tarrytown N.Y.

Call us at 212-794-3858 or email at to schedule your phone, FaceTime or in-person reading!


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