Reader: Dina: Intuitive - Energy Therapist

Reader: Dina: Intuitive - Energy Therapist

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Dina Vitantonio is an Energy Therapist and Author in New York City. As a Board of Director for the United States Federation of Certified and Accredited Mediums and Healers, she have been asked to lecture, all over the country, as a specialist on topics related to Esoteric Work, Energy Practices & Personal Magnetism.

Dina believes sharing information, examples and techniques that are founded in years of sacred knowledge, proven practice and research, combined with what is considered spiritual-science can bring about tremendous inner transformation for peace, harmony and inner balance. Her philosophy is to present material with practical explanations through experience that can easily be added to anyone’s toolbox.

Thursdays 11 am - 3 pm

Call us at 212-794-3858 to schedule your reading!

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