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Reader: Jayden: Tarot, Oracel and Angelarium reader.

Jayden-Avery has 8+ years Experience reading tarot, Oracle and Angelarium cards to reveal and identify blockages. Upon request, he will share advice from your spirit team and prescribe personally engineered mantras, meditations, and chants in hopes of strengthening and restoring the pathways of self-love and self-light from within the innermost being of the querent.

Jayden-Avery seeks out answers from your auric field in order for you to better understand how to enhance the light on your "intake and output".  Sessions with Jayden-Avery will have you "in the know" about not only YOUR FUTURE, but also what is blocking you from experiencing YOUR DESIRED EXISTENCE presently. His understanding of the journey to self truth and alchemical transmutation through introspective analysis is truly the purpose of Tarot - to know thyself.

Jayden-Avery believes no matter how far you fall, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel... but you must want to see it!! You must want to release things that keep you down!!  And you must want to heal and ascend to a BETTER LIFE!

Call us at 212-794-3858 or email at Info@choicesgifts.comto schedule your phone, FaceTime or in-person reading!


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