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Undrunk: A Skeptics Guide to AA

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Odd as it may seem to some, Alcoholics Anonymous is here to help you stay sober and get on with a better life, even in the era of coronavirus.

A candid, often hilarious guide for anyone who "just doesn't get" Alcoholics Anonymous.

In this unprecedented book, A. J. Adams uses self-deprecating humor, entertaining anecdotes, and frank descriptions to introduce anyone who "just doesn't get" Alcoholics Anonymous to the complete "Undrunk" lifestyle.

Beginning with the story of his first AA meeting, he takes the mystery out what goes on behind closed doors, dispelling misconceptions of AA as cultlike, secretive, campy, or lowbrow. He then presents a user-friendly history and introduction to AA, explaining the Steps, Traditions, terms, and sayings--all punctuated by honest, often hilarious descriptions of his own struggles and eventual transformation to "getting" the program.

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