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Unspoken Legacy

Acute trauma and addictive disorders are often a result of psychological injuries experienced as a child, while typically producing long-term and harmful generational consequences on loved ones and other family members. Claudia Black presents a portrait of a broken family system, exploring how addiction and trauma develop in families, their damaging repetition, and offers a roadmap for healing.

  • Since the 1970s, Black's work has encompassed the impact of addiction on young and adult children. Her writings and teachings have become a standard in the field of addiction treatment.
  • Comprehensively addresses the many components of traumatism, as well as addiction-related trauma
  • Vignettes highlighting the various causes of trauma presented in the audiobook help listeners understand the physiology and psychology of trauma and its negative effects.
  • Includes healing, proactive steps listeners can apply to better understand their current circumstances and build healthier relationships both in and outside of the family

Claudia Black, PhD, is internationally recognized for her pioneering and cutting-edge work with family systems and addictive disorders. Her work with children affected by drug and alcohol addiction in the late 1970s fueled the advancement of the codependency and developmental trauma fields. Dr. Black's passion to help young adults overcome obstacles and strengthen families built the foundation of the Claudia Black Young Adult Center at The Meadows. Not only is Dr. Black the clinical architect of this innovative treatment program, she is also actively involved with the treatment team, patients, and their families.


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