Z. Crystals: Epidote (Tumbled).
Z. Crystals: Epidote (Tumbled).
Z. Crystals: Epidote (Tumbled).

Z. Crystals: Epidote (Tumbled)

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Optimism | Attraction | Transformation

Enhances the law of attraction to transform one’s reality. By releasing patterns of negativity and increasing positivity, Epidote has an optimistic energy that helps to attract more abundance into the life.

Connected to the Heart chakra. 

Crystal Care: Generally, crystals can be cleansed, charged, or activated with water, salt water, sunlight, moonlight, sound, smoke/smudging, or by other crystals. Please keep in mind that some crystals may fade in sunlight or can react poorly with water. 

Includes: Description Card and matching mesh pouch.  

Size:  Approximately 1 inch.   

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