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Z. Crystals: Rose Aura Quartz (Tumbled)

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Love | Balance | Compassion

Enforced with titanium, the rainbow aura helps balance all chakras. Often known as the stone of universal love, rose quartz helps one to receive and share love by enhancing it within the self. Calming the mind and allowing one to relinquish worry and fear and increase trust. It can bring feeling of deep inner peace. This can help with fertility or aid pregnant women.

Connected to the Crown & Heart chakras. 

Crystal Care: Generally, crystals can be cleansed, charged, or activated with water, salt water, sunlight, moonlight, sound, smoke/smudging, or by other crystals. Please keep in mind that some crystals may fade in sunlight or can react poorly with water.

Includes: Description Card and matching mesh pouch.  

Size:  Approximately 1 inch.   


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