Specialty AA Medallions

Special AA medallions may be the perfect option if you want a unique way to commemorate your sobriety. These medallions are designed for people in recovery and can be a great way to show your support for others working to overcome addiction. 

They make a great addition to any collection of recovery memorabilia. Check out this post for more information on how to get your hands on one of these special medallions.

Types Of Specialty AA Medallions | What Do They Represent?

Different types of AA medallions are available today, representing other things. For example, some medallions represent specific years of sobriety, such as five years, ten years, or twenty years. 

Medallions also represent extraordinary achievements, such as completing a treatment program or being sober for an extended period. Whatever the reason for getting a specialty AA medallion, they are all meant to represent a commitment to sobriety and to helping others achieve sobriety.

Specialty Medallion

Why Are They Know As Specialty AA Medallions?

There are a few reasons why these medallions are often called "specialty" AA medallions.

  1. They are typically only available to AA members who have achieved a certain level of sobriety.
  2. These medallions often have special designs or messages that make them stand out from regular AA medallions.
  3. These AA medallions are often given to members to show appreciation for their sobriety or as a reward for reaching a milestone in their recovery.

How Much Do Specialty AA Medallions Cost? And How To Care For Them?

The cost of a specialty AA coin can vary depending on the type of medallion and from where you are purchasing it. The best way to care for a medallion is to keep it clean and free from dirt and debris. When not in use, store the medallion in a dry, cool place. 

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or extreme heat, as this can damage the medallion. If the medallion does become dirty, gently wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasives, as these can also damage the medallion.

Where Can You Purchase Specialty AA Medallions?

There are a few different ways that you can purchase specialty AA coin. Our store choicesgifts.com is offering these AA coins. You can also purchase them through other retailers, such as Amazon. Moreover, they are available at some physical stores, such as CVS or Walgreens.

Specialty Medallion

Ways To Support Alcoholics Anonymous Rather Than Purchasing AA Chips Or Medallion

Yes, there are other ways to show your support for Alcoholics Anonymous. You can attend meetings, participate in service work, and donate money or time to the organization. Additionally, you can wear AA-related clothing or carry an AA keychain or other reminder type to help you stay sober.

Final Thoughts

Specialty AA coin mean a lot for those who achieve a milestone in alcohol addiction. For friends and family, it is a way to show your support for someone working hard to stay sober. Ultimately, anything that helps an alcoholic stay sober is a good thing, and these medallions can be a helpful tool in that process.

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