Introducing our new podcast!

Welcome to our new podcast, "You Always Have...Choices." 

Join us weekly as we embark on a positive journey through health, wellness, spirituality, and recovery with inspiring experts, authors, doctors, and individuals who share their experience, strength and hope.  

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 Stay tuned as we release more podcasts each week.   

Introducing our new podcast!

Episode 16: Jay DePaolo Unique perspective on Recovery Coaching
Join a soothing meditation on the 'Choices Books and Gifts' podcast. Find inner calm, clarity, and peace through guided relaxation techniques.
Episode 15:Dr Kyle Breaking Through: Recognizing Signs for Seeking Help in Men's Mental Health
Explore the vital signs that prompt men to seek mental health support, emphasizing the importance of recognizing these signals and taking steps toward emotional well-being.
Episode 14: Betty G A Journey from Addiction to Recovery Through Surrender, Forgiveness, and Service
Follow Betty's remarkable journey from drugs, prostitution, suicide and trauma to manifesting a beautiful life in recovery. 
Episode 13: Helen From 13 to 31 years sober and the shots along the way
Join this funny and candid conversation about addiction and finding hope amidst challenges.
Episode 12: Paulette Kranjac Navigating Grief: A Journey in Forgiveness
 Discover how to forgive and thrive not just survive. 
Episode 11: Kevin O'Hara Tips in Recovery Coaching
Kevin shares his journey from a 30-year drinking 'habit' to aiding others through sobriety coaching, offering an alternative perspective.
Episode 10: Dr. Connie QuinnThe layers of Sex Addiction
Discover insights on sex addiction, relationships, and finding healing in a sex-positive environment.
Episode 9: Seth David Branitz Transcending Despair in Recovery
Finding meaning amidst trauma - a journey of recovery and resilience.
Episode 8: Bob Mladinich Insights from NYPD Detective to Author to Therapist
Insights on transformation, struggles, decisions, love and fulfilment.
Episode 7: Carol Graham A Recovery Murder Mystery - Fun, Cozy Read!
Unveiling the 'Brooklyn Murder Mysteries' series based on a delightful character in Recovery.
Episode 6: Jeff R Funny, Inspirational Recovery Journey
Jeff's Recovery Journey: Sobriety, Service, and Self-Discovery.
Episode 5: Twins Tammy & Lyssie Nutritional Experts, Authors
Get inspired with twin nutritionist and fitness experts, Tammy & Lyssie Lakatos.  Listen for tips, tricks and insights.  
Episode 4: Exploring meditation, spirituality, and life choices: A conversation with David H.Wagner
Meditation, spirituality, and life choices with David Harshada Wagner.
Episode 3: Molly Carmel - Food Addiction Therapist and Coach
Molly discusses the nuanced world of food addiction and how to get healthier.
Episode 2: Jay and Terry - Inspiring 35-Year Journey in Recovery
Join Jay in a powerful conversation with Terry, a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, sharing insights on recovery.
Episode 1: Meet Your Host - Jay DePaolo
Exclusive chat with our dynamic new host as he shares his journey, passions, and the inspiration behind the new podcast.