Inspirational Medallions

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Inspirational medallions and coins are great gift items to celebrate milestones in recovery.   Whether you have one day, one month or one year, we have a beautiful custom made coin to celebrate.   We offer aluminum, bronze, tri-plate, tri-colored enamel coins, as well as sterling silver.  No matter what the occasion, an inspirational medallion is the best gift.  Many people pass them around in their home group, for all fellows to bless the coin, for you to then carry in your pocket or bag.   

Medallions serve as a personal memento, a daily reminder of sobriety, and have been used by the earliest founders of AA, including Clarence H. Snyder, who carried his coin for 46 years, until his passing.  

Each medallion is unique and special, as fellows, friends, and family, often bless it, as a sign of support, for you to carry their well wishes in your pocket. We hope that anytime you need support around your recovery, the medallion is there to remind you that you are not alone on your recovery path.



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