AA Bronze & Aluminum Coins


      AA coins are a long-time tradition of recovery programs worldwide. Medallions are tangible symbols of renewal, strength, and hope for those in recovery from alcoholism. They commemorate sobriety milestoneswhether it be 24 hours or several yearsand all the hard work it takes to achieve them. 

      Medallions are tokens of celebration that allow members of Alcoholics Anonymous to recognize every sober day as an accomplishment. They represent progress, strength, and resilience through the journey of recovery and serve as daily encouragement to stay the course of sobriety. 

      Our Bronze & Aluminum medallions are an affordable way to celebrate any individual in recovery, or for your home group to keep on hand to honor celebrants at anniversary meetings. We also offer a wide selection of Bronze and Aluminum medallions bearing your favorite recovery slogans like First Things First, One Day At a Time, Keep It Simple, and more!

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