AA Tricolor Medallions


      Our AA Tricolor Medallions are not only the perfect gift for your loved ones in recovery, but are also a lovely way to celebrate your own sobriety milestones. Ranging in time from 24 hours to 65 years, we have a colorful medallion for you, no matter where you are in your recovery journey. Their vibrant colors make our medallions a beautiful addition to any collection. 

      AA medallions are tangible symbols of renewal, strength, and hope for those in recovery from alcoholism. They commemorate sobriety milestoneswhether it be 24 hours or several yearsand all the hard work it takes to achieve them. 

      Medallions are tokens of celebration that allow members of Alcoholics Anonymous to recognize every sober day as an accomplishment. They represent progress, strength, and resilience through the journey of recovery and serve as daily encouragement to stay the course of sobriety.  


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