AA Coins


      AA Coins are the perfect way to commemorate a loved one’s recovery from addiction. These coins are brightly colored and made of durable aluminum. They are a great reminder that addiction is a disease and that everyone battling addiction is fighting an uphill battle.

      These unique coins are perfect for bringing back some change and learning more about the addiction recovery process. These coins are a great way to remember your journey while helping others on their own. Each coin includes inspiring quotes and information about addiction and recovery, making them a great addition to any collection.

      AA Recovery Coin is a symbol of hope and strength. They can be given as a gift to a loved one who is undergoing addiction treatment or someone who has fought addiction and is doing well. They make a great gift for any occasion.

      AA Bronze Coin was created in honor of those who have committed to recovery. These coins are a great way to celebrate your progress and to remind others of your dedication to overcoming addiction. The coins remind you that recovery is possible and that supportive people can help you on your journey.

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