Introducing our new podcast!

 Welcome to our new podcast, "You Always Have...Choices." 

Join us weekly as we embark on a positive journey through health, wellness, spirituality, and recovery with inspiring experts, authors, doctors, and individuals who share their experience, strength and hope.  

Watch each episode to the end for a special discount shopping code! 

Episode 1: Meet Your Host - Jay DePaolo  The Choices Team sits down for a chat with the Choices Books and Gifts owner and the dynamic host of our new podcast. Get ready to connect with Jay personally as he shares his journey, passions, and the inspiration behind the Choices Podcast. Hosted by Catherine Franklyn. 


Episode 2: Jay and Terry - Inspiring 35-Year Journey in Recovery  Jay sits down with a long-time member of Alcoholics Anonymous about his journey in recovery in New York City. This compelling episode is presented in audio format only in keeping with the AA tradition of anonymity. 


Episode 3: Molly Carmel - Food Addiction Therapist and Coach.  Jay and Molly have a riveting conversation about the nuanced world of food addiction as they discuss overcoming challenges and cultivating healthier relationships with food and oneself.  

 Watch each episode to the end for a special shopping discount code! 

 Stay tuned as we release more podcasts each week.