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Contrary to Love: Helping the Sexual Addict by Patrick Carnes

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In a time of stay-at-home, when regular routines and social outlets are limited by the coronavirus pandemic, sex and pornography can become the stuff of jokes. But sexual addictions are real and destructive; know there's help and hope.

This resource identifies the stages and progression of sex addiction, including assessment, intervention, and treatment methods.

Public humiliation, broken families, and ruined careers are just some of the tragic results when sex behavior is out of control. And as the media reports each new case, we ask ourselves the disturbing question, Why?

In this sequel to Out of the Shadows, author and leading expert in the field of sex addiction, Patrick Carnes adds new insight and findings, building on his original descriptive framework. Stages and progression of the illness are identified. Family structure, bonding, and boundaries are examined in depth. Finally, assessment, intervention, and treatment methods are outlined, with the goal--and the hope--of ultimate recovery.

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