12 Steps Recovery Pen
12 Steps Recovery Pen

G093. Pen: 12 Steps Recovery Pen

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Clicky - Ballpoint - Pen

Better than a greeting card! Recovery Pens provide a unique way to celebrate and share Recovery. Black Ink - Ballpoint Pen

Anyone struggling with addiction knows the pain and turmoil that comes with it. For some, addiction can be a life-threatening illness, while for others, it can be a debilitating condition that prevents them from functioning at their best.

It's no wonder that addiction can be a tough hurdle to overcome. But with the help of the 12 Steps Recovery Pen, addiction can be conquered.

The 12 Steps Recovery Pen is a helpful tool in addiction recovery that can provide guidance and support as individuals perform to overcome their addiction. The black ink pen is made of durable materials that withstand repeated use, and the proven recovery process is easy to follow.

4 inspiring messages that rotate with every click of this pen: - The Principles Behind Each Step: - (1)Honesty, (2)Hope, (3)Faith, (4)Courage, (5)Integrity, - (6)Willingness, (7)Humility, (8)Brotherly-Love, (9)Discipline, - (10) Perseverance, (11)Awareness of God, (12)Service These pens are more than just a high quality writing instrument - they help encourage and uplift! Share your experience, strength, and hope by reminding others of the Recovery message.

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