Z. Crystals: Jet (Tumbled).
Z. Crystals: Jet (Tumbled).
Z. Crystals: Jet (Tumbled).

Z. Crystals: Jet (Tumbled)

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Protection | Grounding | Self-Reflection

Helps to reach their full potential by removing energy blocks in supporting rising Kundalini energy. Increases perception of self, self-reflection, and transmutes negative energy.

Connected to the Root chakra. 

Crystal Care: Generally, crystals can be cleansed, charged, or activated with water, salt water, sunlight, moonlight, sound, smoke/smudging, or by other crystals. Please keep in mind that some crystals may fade in sunlight or can react poorly with water. 

Includes: Description Card and matching mesh pouch.  

Size:  Approximately 1 inch.   

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