Z. Crystals: Tiger&
Z. Crystals: Tiger&
Z. Crystals: Tiger&

Z. Crystals: Tiger's Eye (Tumbled)

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Strength | Balance | Unity

Brings physical and spiritual unity to the self with emotional harmony and balance.  It helps one to remain grounded, aiding in emotional strength and mental clarity. Some believe that Tiger's Eye can also bring good luck and increase personal power.

Connected to the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras. 

Crystal Care: Generally, crystals can be cleansed, charged, or activated with water, salt water, sunlight, moonlight, sound, smoke/smudging, or by other crystals. Please keep in mind that some crystals may fade in sunlight or can react poorly with water.

Includes: Description Card and matching mesh pouch.  

Size:  Approximately 1 inch.   

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